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Through our prevention and community outreach activities, we organize and facilitate events (talks, training courses, workshops, etc.) with a single aim: to reduce violence against women by raising awareness of its impact.

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June 17
From 10H to 16H

Solidarity shop

Akwaba Mousso offers a solidarity store for the women who frequent the center and home.

Self-esteem workshop

In partnership with Psytrotter,

Educational talks

We're opening the floor to everyone on a theme of everyday life for women...

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    Boutique solidaire

    Thanks to your donations, Akwaba Mousso is able to offer a solidarity store to the women who frequent the center and the home. Clothes, shoes, toys, office supplies, food and non-food items, for adults and children… We sort, restore what can be restored and make it available to our beneficiaries, for their daily needs but also for their professional activities: some leave everything behind overnight, and start afresh with this store. When we sort, we also always set aside some for the communities and organizations that protect the most vulnerable. Part of these donations also enable us to create festive fund-raising events, during which we offer our supporters parts refurbished by the center’s survivors.

    Upcoming event
    On Saturday June 17 from 10am to 4pm, Akwaba Mousso is organizing its first solidarity sale.
    Thanks to generous donations from the Cocody Town Hall and supporters, the association is inviting its allies and friends to a festive day on its premises. It’s an opportunity to renew the whole family’s wardrobe and discover local crafts: fashion accessories, decorative objects, homemade products.
    You’ll find plenty of food and refreshments at this solidarity event.

    Educational talks

    Akwaba Mousso is an open, preventive space dedicated to defending women’s rights. By informing women (and men) about their fundamental rights, about the nature and mechanisms of violence, about the impact of such violence on their health, on the family balance and on society as a whole, we hope to reduce the number of victims and aggressors.
    By organizing educational talks, we give everyone a chance to express their views on a theme related to women’s daily lives, with credible speakers, in a spirit of listening, without judgment.

    The themes are developed in a variety of ways to keep them relevant:
    – according to the concerns expressed by the women who attend the center;
    related to current events;
    – based on proposals from our technical partners.

    Combining presentations, experience-sharing, debates and fun activities, these meetings help to combat violence against women by decoding its mechanisms, disseminating rigorous knowledge, and providing skills to strengthen
    participants’ autonomy.
    Akwaba Mousso has a catalog of themes for educational talks that can be organized on-site or off-site at the request of partners.
    Keep up to date with the calendar of talks published each month on the Akwaba Mousso website or on our facebook, instagram and twitter pages.

    Self-esteem workshop

    In partnership with Psytrotter, Akwaba Mousso offers this workshop, which combines an understanding of the psychological mechanisms of self-esteem with practical exercises to strengthen its pillars, such as the mirror and fan exercises. The workshop is also a safe place for exchange, where survivors’ voices are listened to and respected.

    This activity is reserved for center beneficiaries.

    Self-esteem building is an integral part of the survivor’s journey, complementing holistic care and helping her to become autonomous.

    Notre centre est situé dans la commune de Cocody, à Abidjan.
    Si vous êtes victime de violence et que vous voulez prendre un rendez-vous, appelez le
    07 69 84 84 84 ou laissez-nous un message SMS ou Whatsapp.
    Vous pouvez aussi envoyer un mail sur notre courriel confidentiel bonjour@akwabamousso.org

    Vous pouvez aussi contacter :

    1308, numéro vert mis en place par le Comité national de lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes et aux enfants
    – la Ligue ivoirienne des Droits des Femmes au 0757204456

    En attendant, vous pouvez contacter :
    – le 1308, numéro vert mis en place par le Comité national de lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes et aux enfants
    – la Ligue ivoirienne des Droits des Femmes au 0757204456
    – Stop au chat noir au 0787859443
    – le Collectif des Activistes de Côte d’Ivoire


    Our center is located in the Cocody district of Abidjan. If you are a victim of violence and would like to make an appointment, please call +225 07 69 84 84 84 or leave us an SMS or Whatsapp message. You can also send an e-mail to bonjour@akwabamousso.org

    You can also contact: :


    – the 1308, toll-free number set up by the National Committee for the fight against violence against women and children

    – the Ivorian league for Women’s rights at +225 0757204456


    Nous sommes en train de lever des fonds pour ouvrir notre centre au plus vite et pouvoir venir en aide aux survivantes de violences.